Get to know Angelika Koch

Angelika Koch was born in San Francisco, California. Growing up with a military father and a mother from Germany, allowed her to explore the world at a very young age. 


 Though she began writing dark fantasy, she realized that she had a higher calling to help others navigate through their life. After finding happiness in her own life, Angelika decided to obtain her certification as a life coach and dedicate her life to helping others who are struggling to find happiness themselves. She decided the most fulfilling path for her in her own life was to take was to get her certification as a life coach. As a professional life coach and self-help speaker, she is able to guide people towards living a better life. She has written several books, including "The Asshole Epidemic," and "Life is too short not to be fucking happy," both of which will be available in September 2020.


After living in numerous locations, she finally settled down in the East Coast where she lives with her dog and two cats. Travel is still a major part of her life which is reflected in her social media posts. 

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