Hugging on Top of Hill
Single Session 

Before we even start, I will begin by sending you a series of questions for you to answer in order to see where you are and where you would like to be. A single session is perfect for people who like to test the waters before diving in. It includes a 1-1 session via Zoom where we explore where you are in your life and where you would like to be. Individual sessions cost $200. 

4 weeks package 

The 4-week package is an excellent choice for someone who is already on the path towards happiness but still feels that there is something missing. This package includes four 1-1 sessions through Zoom where we will go through a deep introspection to figure out what is missing from your life as well as the steps that you can take in order to get to where you want to be. This inclides, weekly accountability emails and email support throughout this process. This package has a discount of $40 and the package costs $760 ($190 per session.)

8 weeks package 

You have hopes and dreams but you have yet to take any concrete steps to be where you would like to be in your life. You know what you want but you are going through a challenging time and feel lost. If this resonates with you, then this is the package for you. The 8-week package includes eight 1-1 sessions via Zoom where we will dive deep into what is holding you back and the steps to take to remove those blocks. Weekly accountability emails, unlimited email support throughout the eight weeks, and personal work between sessions that help guide you on your path. This package has a discount of $100 and the package costs $1500. ($187.50 per session)

12 weeks package 

You feel completely lost. You want to find happiness but you are not sure where to start. It feels like everything you desire is about as attainable as keeping sand in an open palm on a windy day. You feel lost and empty and you want to work towards a happy life but you don't know where to begin. You are tired of the way that things have been going and you are ready to do whatever it takes for you to have a happier life. If this resonates with you, this is the package that you are going to want to consider. This intensive 12-week package includes twelve 1-1 sessions via Zoom where we dive deep into what is going on in your life, how to improve your life, and forming weekly goals centered around the steps you need to take to create the life you desire. It also includes personal work between sessions that will help you through your personal journey. This package has a discount of $250 and costs $2150. (179.16 per session)

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