Societal Oppression

Society and media instills in our minds that if we are socially accepted then we will find happiness. Media tell us the rules to go by through the “latest trends” and then society is expected to follow these rules without protest or question. If we do not follow them, we are emotionally and verbally beaten until we do by the peers around us that blindly follow these rules. If you don’t believe me, look at the posts that you see online by women and men who choose to not follow the rules of society. In this alone, you will find people that have gone out of their way to degrade the person that they don’t even know, trying to convince them that because they are different, they are “less than” and putting it under the false label of constructive criticism.

                These rules were put in place by opinionated individuals in influential positions, then followed by the masses who at times will go out of their way to enforce these rules, even if that means causing emotional and even at times physical harm to an innocent person.

An example of a common “rule” set by society is the separation of clothing, according to gender. Women’s clothing is normally sexualized to society’s standards and cut in a certain way to better display the shape of her breasts, childbearing hips and back end. Patterns in female clothing are typically limited to what society claims is feminine which is usually flowers, butterflies, and containing shapes and designs that are softly curved or contoured to a shape simulating the curves of a female body, in addition to emphasizing on the preferred body shape that is currently in style. Occasionally you see shirts with memes containing quotes that are considered to be “cute” and containing witty comments or ones based on a pop band. Male clothing is cut looser and normally contains bold colors and shapes that are seen to be masculine. The memes that are found on shirts are either crude, alcohol based, about a rock band, sexually suggestive, humorously sarcastic, in addition to the typical cartoons which are normally based off of popular shows that are violent in nature. Male shorts tend to be longer while female shorts are sometimes cut so short that the bottom of our butt sticks out, like reverse cleavage.

                When it comes to gender, the view point of today’s society is so limited that if we see a female with a short haircut wearing the labeled “male” clothing, we automatically associate her physical appearance with her sexuality and we are shocked when they do not always correlate. If a male is seen in women’s clothing with long hair, he is automatically degraded and shamed beyond reason, to a cruel extent.  

Society tells us what is masculine and feminine and demands that we submit to them. They force everyone into these categorized boxes and demands that everyone must fit in these boxes with a smile on their face, even if that means denying themselves of expressing what they truly like. Though society parades the fantasy of individualism, unfortunately most people are too afraid of the back lash they will receive, whether large or small, for truly being themselves. So they unknowingly submit for the fear of being reprimanded.

One of the first steps to finding real happiness, is to strip away the fear of rejection and dive into your soul, figuring out who you truly are and what you truly like. Be true to yourself. Not to put a morbid twist on things, but we have a 100% mortality rate. Do you really want to be on your death bed and realize that you were never truly yourself? So if you want to dress up in a tutu wearing an umbrella on your head. Do it. Fucking do it. In the end the most beautiful part of you isn’t what you show others, but who you truly are on the inside. If you are true to yourself and openly show that, you will become a beacon of light for others, inspiring them to do the same.

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