Why I travel so much

If you have ever been to my Instagram account, you will see that it is saturated with travel photos from around the world. This is different from most author accounts, who normally post incredible photos of books and bookshelves. I have also seen authors post photos of themselves writing at a beautiful desk, overlooking a garden speckled with flowers and fluttering butterflies. Clearly, I am not one of those people and my desk looks like a hurricane bitch slapped it. Though I do typically spend at least 40 hours each week at a desk, typing until my fingers feel like they are going to fall off, I also spend plenty of time traveling and for the life of me, I cannot take an appealing photo of my desk and laptop.

Why do I post travel photos instead of photos of books?

Well I am fantasy writer, so when I want to be inspired to write a scene involving rolling emerald hills speckled with crisp purple heather or a winding river slithering through the mountains, I need reference photos. I post photos of places that I have been to for other writers to use when describing their scenes as well as for a variety of other reasons.

What are those “other” reasons?

1. We live in a chaotic world that is saturated with evil, but one thing that is consistently beautiful and pure is nature. I post photos to remind others that despite the darkness in our lives, there are still so many things to appreciate, when a piece of heaven is right here on earth. That is why I encourage people to #thetravelingfantasywriter in their photos of nature, so that other people can take a moment to enjoy something beautiful in their life.

2. We as people are destroying our planet due to unsustainable living, littering, governmental corruption, and greed. I am taking as many photos as I can of the beautiful places in this world, so that if for some reason climate change or mankind destroys the area, I have a reminder of the “before.”

3. I have met hundreds of people who tell me how much they want to travel but they have yet to do it. I post photos of my travels to encourage people to take the leap, save up the money, and go. There are small things you can do to save up money for a trip. For example, instead of making a coffee run and spending that $4 on a cup of joe, put the money aside. Cutting out that one expense over a course of a year, can save you $1460. I have bought tickets to Europe for $300. You could literally cover hotel, flight, and food for that cost and I am talking from experience. Now let’s say you don’t just get a coffee but you add a $2 muffin for breakfast on that coffee run. If you cut that out, in a year you have $2190 in your vacation fund and you can upgrade that shared room to your own private apartment in your travels.

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