What is Love?

What is love? Is love a feeling we get when we look at someone, or is it deeper? In today's society, we rely too much on feelings and not enough on action. To me, love isn't a feeling I get when I look at someone. It has nothing to do with butterflies or a 'spark.' I believe that love is an action. The reality is that the feelings of giddiness and giggles will fade in every relationship you are ever in and when it does, you are left with the raw human standing in front of you. This person isn't perfect, in fact they are far from it.

Love says, "Oh you want to be grumpy today? That's ok. Let me give you a massage or make you dinner." Love says, "Yes I am not naturally monogamous, no human is. We all have temptations, but I will choose to be loyal to you, even when the sparks in bedroom are no longer fireworks. " Love says, "I will hug the shit out of you, even when you bug the shit out of me."

When you truly love someone, you should never call them names, no matter how angry you are. When you love someone, you lift them up and never bring them down. I believe love isn't easy, because nothing good is. Love takes work, it takes compromise and it takes effort. If the love becomes a chore, then it’s a job and not a relationship. Love is the action of romancing someone even if you are not naturally a romantic person. Love is making the effort to understand the other person’s views and beliefs, even if you don't necessarily agree with them.

Love kisses away tears when times are hard and holds your other half at night even if you want to push them away because of a disagreement. If you love someone, you should treat them the same way that you did when you first met them. If you bought them flowers once a week, don't stop. If you can’t afford flowers, make one out of paper or pick some wildflowers off the side of the road. There is never a good enough excuse. Make the effort.

Love is the most beautiful gift the universe has given us, but if you are showing the action of love to someone who doesn't appreciate you, then love yourself enough to leave no matter how hard it is. Trust me, I know first-hand that can be the hardest thing in the world.

Remember this; love yourself enough to be with someone who displays the actions of love to you and love them enough to show reciprocation because Love is not words, it is action and reaction.

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